Apadana Real Estate Agency

آدرس صفحه : www.bjobs.ir/job/renthometehran
آگهی - تبلیغ
شماره تماس : 02188361187
آخرین به روزرسانی : 1395/03/26
استان : تهران
صنف : آژانس
نام مدیر :
وب سایت : www.renthometehran.com
تعداد بازدید : 465
آدرس  : No 3 , Hassan Seif St, Faze 3 Ave, Shahrak Gharb

 Apadana Real Estate Agency is honored to provide foreigners from different nationalities and others who are looking for suitable accomodation with rental furnished and unfurnished apartments, villas, offices, conference halls, etc. An official contract is signed by both parties to make you sure that your rights are going to be well-respected. Our well-experienced, multilingual skilled advisors are ready to offer you the best service in the shortest possible time.



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